Applying for an Award

Research Focus for 2019:

Biomarkers and phenotyping for retinal disease progression

Each year, a specific research focus is assigned. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications relevant to the research focus. Priority will be given to applicants with relevant research focus when ranked for funding.


Why Apply?

A GOAP grant could enable you to:

  • Make significant contributions to research in ophthalmology
  • Complete further investigations/experiments
  • Contribute to tangible benefits for patients with retinal disorders
  • Improve patient access to high-quality eye care
  • Increase disease understanding and dissemination of scientific knowledge through publications

"The GOAP award has made possible a completely new set of experiments within a promising project. It will hopefully mean additional publications, with the related academic benefits."

Professor Mara Lorenzi

(GOAP 2015 Research Awardee)

Award Categories 

Applicants can choose to apply to one of two types of award, either a Fellowship Award or Research Award. Applicants applying for the Fellowship Award should demonstrate commitment to becoming a retinal specialist. The Research Award is a 1-year award supporting clinical and/or basic research projects.

Applicants should demonstrate commitment to becoming a retinal specialist

  • What it is: A mentored award to facilitate the development of research and clinical expertise
  • Eligibility criteria: For applicants who have completed ophthalmology training and wish to work on a research project as part of their training to become a retinal specialist
  • Requirements: Applicants need to demonstrate how they intend to combine their research project and training activities in an integrated manner, and how their training will enhance their skills as a retina specialist in order to improve future patient care
  • Duration of award: 1 year
  • Award value: Up to US$50,000

This 1-year award supports a wide range of clinical and/or basic research projects

  • What it is: An award to support a wide range of clinical and basic research projects in the field of retinal ophthalmology:
    • Diagnosis and assessment
    • Surgery
    • Quality of life
    • Mechanisms of action
    • Novel therapeutic approaches
    • Disease pathophysiology
  • Eligibility criteria: Applicants must have an MD and/or a PhD and be affiliated with a facility that carries out research in ophthalmology.
    Additionally, at the time of application, applicants must:
    • Have qualified as an ophthalmology specialist within the past 10 years or are currently training to become an ophthalmology specialist in the future or have received a PhD qualification within the past 10 years
  • Duration of award: 1 year
  • Award value: Up to US$50,000