Application Timeline

Process overview

20 September 2019

Awards cycle opens

01 February 2019

Letter of Intent (LOI) submission deadline

February/March 2019

Grants Review and Awards
Committee (GRAC) reviews LOIs

April 2019

Applicants informed of decision
and Full Proposal forms distributed

April/May 2019

Applicants develop Full Proposals

15 May 2019

Full Proposal submission deadline

June/July 2019

GRAC reviews Full Proposals

August 2019

Applicants notified of the GRAC decisions

December 2019

Funding provided

The Grants Review and Awards Committee GRAC (independent body that oversees the application process) reviews the LOIs and assigns a numeric score to each.

The LOIs are then ranked by score to determine which applicants will move forward in the application process and be asked to submit a Full Proposal.

Review criteria

Applications for the Fellowship Award and the Research Award are reviewed on the following criteria:

As award decisions are taken by the independent GRAC, and are based on an applicant’s merit and eligibility, all decisions are final and not subject to appeal. Applicants who have constructive suggestions about the review of their applications, or the process in general, are encouraged to contact us.