About GOAP

GOAP aims

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To fund research initiatives in order to advance scientific understanding of retinal diseases


To encourage ophthalmologists to develop skills and to support future thought leaders

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To improve treatment outcomes and patient quality of life through management of retinal diseases

"One of the key goals of GOAP is to encourage young ophthalmologists and aspiring clinical scientists to pursue careers as retinal specialists. The awards program is helping to ensure that the next generation of patients has access to high-quality eye care by funding cutting-edge research that may lead to new therapies."

Dr Jennifer Arnold and Professor Quan Dong Nguyen

(Co-chairs of the Grants Review and Awards Committee)

A truly global program

Since 2012, 665 applications have been received from 56 countries, across five continents*

*Figures as of August 2018

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5 Awardees

62 Letters of Intent


9 Awardees

89 Letters of Intent


11 Awardees

77 Letters of Intent


10 Awardees

104 Letters of Intent

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11 Awardees

94 Letters of Intent


12 Awardees

108 Letters of Intent


12 Awardees

122 Letters of Intent

GOAP impact

Journal publications

17 Journal publications*

Oral presentations

16 Oral presentations*

Poster presentations

16 Poster presentations*

*Figures as of August 2018

GOAP awardees have researched a diverse range of topics in the field of retinal disease and have published their results in journals such as The LancetRetina, and the American Journal of Ophthalmology.

"The program is unique in that it provides funding to undertake both clinical and research work and it offers an opportunity for me to consolidate and extend my training."

Dr Matthew Simunovic

(GOAP 2014 Fellowship Awardee)